Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 on Tuesday-maybe

It's been an interesting week. Some good, some not so good, and I suppose that's just life in the slow lane, of which I'm in!

1. I was doing the dishes and suddenly from behind me there was a hubbub. I turned around to find this..
...the demonic Maya the cat was standing on her hind legs behind the angelic, innocent Mattie the dog, rapidly pummeling her head with tiny fists of fury. Mayas front legs and paws were a wild blur. Mattie just sat there with a bewildered look on her face. I tried to explain to Mattie that the cat must have a hormonal case of cabin fever- kind of like me, but I don't think Mattie bought it. The amazing thing is this sweet dog could have licked that cat a good one, but she never does. If you want a kind, good natured dog, get yourself a boxer!!!

2. Hmmmm- I am sitting in church and they announce that there is a new Relief Society teacher. Ok so who is she replacing? I have been there for over 4 1/2 years so I can't believe it's not me..DAH- turns out is was me- but nobody bothered to tell me. Yes I have one eyebrow!

3. I am still photo shopping my tiny brains out. Huzzah! One of these days I am really going to have to pick up a paint brush.

4. Tonight will be-sniff-sob- my last night of hockey-sob-snort sniffle- it's a long 7 months until the ice comes again! But- it's only 3 months until the water ski makes an appearance so that's something to crow about!

5. They say that if someone took all our troubles and put them in a bag and shook them up and dumped them out- we'd all pick our own original troubles. Not me- I'd walk away and leave them for someone else to clean up! Works for me! (but seriously- I'll take mine over some others peoples woes any day! Yikes! There's just too much ouch out there for my taste!!)

6. Ok remember how last week I said I was going to craft a flower to jazz up my ball gown? Umm...help! $40 worth of material and ribbon later....This better be worth it- that is one ridiculously expensive piece of froo froo!

7. Roman will be 6 years old in 5 days. UN- BELIEVABLE. This is the very cool drawing of a gumball machine he drew. I am very impressed!!!!!!
look close- it even sort of says "continental" on it- like the real gum ball machine. Chip off the old block, says I!!

8. Play practice starts in earnest this week- hopefully it will keep me busy so I stop EATING!

9. oh my- had to stop blogging to discuss MORE photo shop fun with my art director.
I shant have any fingers left after this week- but cool!!!!

10. I finally have the Latin lingally down. Problem is when I have to walk and sing at the same time- it flies out the window. I have frightful visions of a black and white penguin-esque me tumbling down the theatre steps with my broom smacking some old lady in the head. (yeah... I have to walk down the stairs from the top of the theatre to the stage, carrying a broom which I use to clean the abbey floor, dressed in my nun garb which restricts hearing by the way, whilst singing angelically in Latin. Who's dumb idea was this????

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 on Tuesday- HA- you thought I would forget!!!

Well I didn't forget- I am just in a funk because there was no hockey tonight- So I guess I'll just ramble on for bit on my blog/journal/complaine/vent/rant and rage page.

1. I Got Oscar to walk today- his first steps! He kind of does this sideways shuffle thing, but he was definitely walking. This little man will do absolutely ANYTHING for a wii remote! Huzzah!!!

This is Oscar- and this is a picture taken by Rhonda Steed- one of my favorite photographers- look her up!!! And yes, Oscar's hair is that red- HE'S A WEE GINGER LAD! He kind of looks like a gigantic argyle sock! xoxoxo!

2. I am usually an industrious, accomplishment driven person, but at times I can scale the heights, breadths, depths and circumferences of laziness. Case in point- I had a bunch of stitches in my leg and was supposed to go up to the clinic to have them removed- Meh- to lazy, so I got some little scissors and some tweezers and vooowalla- I pulled those little suckers out myself. Whitney informed me I am not supposed to do that- too late. Nurses are so touchy!! AND when the cut opened up a little bit, I just got out the crazy glue and glued it shut.... plastic surgery at it's finest, says I!!!

3. I am now regretting lasts weeks red velvet cake binge! 4 pounds later and I am going to have to starve myself silly to get into my dress. Really though, how many nuns do you need at a fancy pretend ball to say good night to the Von Trapp children! Like anyone is going to be fooled into thinking I am not that nun that was just perched on the front of the stage for 10 minutes babbling away in Latin. Not enough taffita in the world to pull that one off.

4. I went curling last night and I did a fairly fantabulous job, if I may say so myself!! It was really fun- You yanks should try it- oh wait- I guess you don't have curling rinks in the lower 48! Too bad for you. Curling is kind of a strange sport and I have to wonder how incredibly bored you'd have to be to invent such an activity- but when you live in cold and ice most of the year, you do what ya gotta do to keep yourself amused. I say when in Rome! And I AM amused!

5. I am fairly sick of the wind. It gives me a head ache.

6. But then again, it could be the 3 little bears(boys) with runny noses who gave me a head cold yet again. Ah ya gotta love grand kids. I'll take the germs any day to have them so close all the time. I do feel a twinge for those of you who's grand kids are all spread out and tossed assunder around the world! LUCKY ME!!!!

7. I am going to attempt to make a fabric flower to jazz up my costume.(because nothing says- I am not a nun now like a big flower on your dress) Those of you who know me know I am not good at fabric, scissors and sewing. This could be a bit of a disaster- and that last statement was a bit of an understatement, Govna!

8. I have photo shopped my fingers to the bone! When all this stuff gets published, I will put a little show on here for you to see what I do all the live long day.

9. I was thinking today how darn blessed my life is!! I have a fantastic heritage and great parents, 3 pretty great brothers and their families, a supportive husband who really can take most of the credit for me being so very spoiled, 3 truly exceptional children, 2 great son in laws, 3 fun loving little boy grand children, the most amazing friends, a great company to work for, doing what I always dreamed I wanted to do- I have the guidance of Gods gospel to keep me on the right track, and I get to play hockey every Tuesday night- and when the ice melts, I get to water ski- IT JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!!!! I sometimes look over my shoulder to see if anyone is there, waiting to take it all away, because surly anyone who is as big a spoiled brat as me doesn't deserve this.

10. Here is a sneak peek at one of my hot off the computer, photo shop images that will be published soon- shhhhhh- don't tell! There is a set of 4 of these- a retro phone, fan and gramophone. The typewriter is my favorite- but the old fan is "cool" too.

There you have it- 4 weeks of 10 on Tuesdays- and I'm spent!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ooops- 10 on Wednesday yet again-

Note: I am currently in a pre-diabetic coma- so fogive all spelling errors...See #'s 3, 4, 6, and 9.

Sorry- forgot what day it was yesterday because it was Valentines Day and I was all a twitter....BWAHAHAHAH! If you know me you know what a huge laugh that is. AAHH I kill myself...on with the 10 on Tuesday a day late and a dollar (or 2) short.

1. I am not a Valentines kind -a- girl... for the big love fest evening, I played hockey with the girls in Magrath. That would be me- not a romantic bone in the entire body. But Stew just smiles and loves me anyway!!

2. Today is Oscars Birthday. He is now a year old. He is my 3rd grandchild and 3rd grandson. We don't do girls- might be a good thing because I've always said I should have been a boy, and I like boy things way more than girl things. Happy Cake Day, Mr. O!!!!! LOVE YOU!!! Funny little man loves to play wii- he holds the remote and wiggles it and stares at the TV with a huge grin on his mug, literally for hours. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ATTEMPT TO TAKE SAID REMOTE AWAY FROM THE CHILD!!!!

3. Stewart always makes me a red velvet cake for Valentines Day, and I could literally eat the entire thing by myself. How the schmell am I going to fit into my costume, I want to know!? Oh well- I'll worry about that later- as Marie Antoinette said...let them eat cake, or in my case let ME eat cake!!! hhhhmmmmmmm cake!

4. I am so very tired of the republican presidential race. It's ugly and scary and I gotta say- I doubt any of them will be able to beat the DOLE that Obama has going. Are people really that stupid to think the nation can continue to sustain this kind of spending and debt level??? Farewell, my beloved country- you are hooped!!!!!!

5. Number 4 makes me want to go get another piece of number 3!!! And so I shall.....back in a few!

6. ....sugar high is now starting in earnest...must not missssspell everything.......must concentrate on the keyboard.....must unbutton pants...drool...gaaaahhhhh.

7. I went to play practice without my music last night thinking I was all that and a can of pringles and that I had it all memorized upstairs in the old bean..... Ohhhhh silly, silly me.

8. Did I ever tell you that I hate being the shortest person in the room (except when Paige is around, thank you my dear Paige for making me feel so very tall) It means I am ALWAYS and forever on the front row for everything...pictures, plays, programs, choreography and the like. There I am- going to be smack dab on the front in every nun scene, dang it all. And the like...pppppffff... I do NOT "LIKE"...not one tiny bit! My friend Jackie takes me kayaking and is so good to lend me one of her kayaks...problem is we had to tape blocks of wood on the foot pegs because I am so flippen short. Yup- everyone makes fun of me, but what can ya do??? I had to hem my nun habit up 4 1/2 inches. On a more positive note- I do not, contrary to popular belief, have a big head. The nun hat had to be made smaller by quite a bit. So I guess that is some consolation. Hmmm maybe I could wear some lady of the evening nun shoes with 6 inch heels. Dang, now why didn't I think of that BEFORE they blocked those scenes. I am a bit slow on the uptake says I!

9. I am on my 3rd piece of cake...jealous??

10. I am going to mention here that I have gotten into a few religious discussions as of late. There's a lot of mis-information oooot and aboooot! I am also going to say without being obnoxious or preachy or pushy, I hope, that the more I study, the more I can not figure out why so many Christians believe that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are one person. Have ya READ John chapter 8??? or Luke 10:22 or any number of scriptures that clearly and unmistakeably quote the Savior teaching that he was sent by the FATHER to do the FATHER'S will. This is my beloved son, hear him.. Is he supposed to be talking to himself about himself?...PEOPLE!!! God is not a God of confusion!!! I believe in God the Eternal Father and in his Son, Jesus Christ and in The Holy Ghost...3 distinct beings with ONE unified purpose. So grateful for that knowledge!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 on Wednesday

I wasn't home on Tuesday so here's my 10 today- deal with it.

1. I love Waterton in the winter. The colder the better! There are few things grander than curling up with a good book, hot chocolate, a can of Pringles and letting the wind howl and the snow fly outside. HEAVEN!

2.That's what I was doing Tuesday. Are you jealous? You should be.

3. I had to remake and hem my nun habit, and wash it!!!(nothing makes my skin crawl like the costume room at the theater: all those stinky, sweaty costumes, and you have no way of knowing who wore it last- gggggaghhhh!) Any whoooo- I also had to wash some of my temple clothes- so I just chucked them all in the washing machine together. (I know, I have a warped sense of humor.) They had a religious war in there! Good heavens, I might have burned the house down.
ARMAGEDDON!!! They came out clean but all snarled up and tied together in knots. I am trying to think of a fabulous analogy here- something that is akin to ...isn't that just like life...good triumphs over evil... black/white ...ah... I got nuthin. It was just really funny.

4. Speaking of Christians- might I just politely suggest to the evangelical community of the United States of America...-GET THE FREAK OVER YOURSELVES!!! Stop the hate, people. Mormons are people too!!! We do not have horns or 4 wives, we do not want to force everyone to think the way we do. We are Christians. Jesus Christ is our Savior and the center of our faith. We are for the most part honest, hard working family folk. We put our pants on one leg at a time! Is that really so hard to grasp? Please tell me what part of having a president who worked hard and succeeded but pays 10% of his increase to his church, may pray or feel the need to be honest in his dealings and expects that from others or teaches self reliance while still taking care of the truly needy is so scary. Deal with it!!! There I feel better now. sheeeeeesh!!!! Man that is getting old!!!!! (my blog, my rant, my rules.)

5. I am making a tiny bit of headway with my Latin. Still need a cheat sheet for the mono chant- but maybe by the time the play starts I might be able to convincingly fake it.

6. I watched Phantom of the Opera the other day. Might I just interject here that Gerard Butler is a mighty fine specimen. I have a hard time fathoming why Christine would chose Raul over him, even with a few scars to the right side of his face- shoot- shut one eye and he's MAGNIFICENT!!!!!

7. I am going to have to stop watching election results. It makes me absolutely bat kah kah crazy!!! Love how the folks down south think with any part of the body BUT the brain.

8. I am hearing from the art publishing community that this year is going to pick up...hhhmmm I shall believeth it whenst I seeth it!! But I hope they are right. We've got nowhere to go but up!!

9. My beloved hockey is almost over. SIGH. I shall miss you. Best way to stay in shape ever!!!

10. Does anyone else have a horrible problem with eating too much in the winter? What's with that??? Is it bordom? NO- I am plenty busy, thank you! Is it because we have to lay in some winter fat to stay warm? ppffff- Maybe it's because we don't have fresh fruit and vegetables so we eat bread and junk. ( Nice try) What ever it is, I do NOT like it.