Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday yet again- will this ever end?

I guess it's a good thing Tuesdays roll around every 7 days- it makes me blog and keep track of life- hum drum as it is.

1. I thought I was going to get out of having the "theater gomboo" but alas I have succumbed. There were a bunch of the cast with various ailments and we prayed every second that our Maria's voice would hold out. It did, thank heaven. But now I have a sore throat, ache like the dickens and my head wants to explode.

2. I spent 9 hours yesterday sending photo shop files to various parts of the world- Today I am waiting to see if I sent any to the wrong people- which could be a bit sticky!

3. I need you all to vote. Is this Halloween image something you would put in a frame and hang in your house?? And which version do you like?

I liked the one with the skull but my art directer wanted the house and the pumpkins on the side. What say you?

4. My birthday is in a month- I will be 55. That is reeeeeeeeeally old. Not loving the thought.

5. I try really hard not to be political on here but dang it, last night I saw something that literally curled the hair on my toes!(figuratively speaking) Our glorious President (I have to say that because I am an American) was caught unawares on a live microphone telling a Russian official that after the election he would have more flexibility to take care of "things" and to pass it on to the higher ups in the Russian government to kind of hang tight. For someone who everyone thinks is so intelligent, he is incredibly inept and unbelievably stupid. And if he is re-elected, the United States will become a bankrupt, weak, socialistic mess! I believe this is the part where the constitution is hanging by a thread.

6. Oh dear- I found out recently that our entire Young Women's Presidency is moving out of the ward... and here I sit with my backside hanging out without a job... dang!!!

7. oh yum- Whitney made the yummiest thing last night- They taste like the appetizers at
Chili's- umm nummm numm! Corn and black beans wrapped in puff pastry! Gotta get that recipe- I had already eaten dinner but I ate 7 of them!! hmm there goes my weight loss during the play.

8. By the way, if you ever want to lose 6 pounds- be in a play! huzzah- but unfortunately the weight tends to sneak back on when the play is over and you get a horrendous cold and sore throat and lay around all day Sunday!

9. I need to get some exercise, but I am too pooped..which is a vicious cycle. If I would exercise and get outside, I know I would feel better, but I have molasses for blood and lead for underwear today.

10. Spring is my least favorite time of year. I KNOW! who says that, but it is because it just teases the crap out of you! Is it really going to get warm? Nope- there's the fog and rain and sometimes snow yet again...then it warms up and you think this is it, then it rains and blows then starts to get warm and nope not yet...and yeah- I hate it. Never had patience for indecisiveness!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday 10 random thoughts-

1. If I ever hear "The Hills are Alive" or "My Favorite Things" again I will seriously hurt what is ever in my path. The only hills I want alive are the ones I hike in and my favorite thing right now is the end of this week!!! yeah yeah, self inflicted..I get it.

2. I am enraged and frustrated with my lack of photo shop skills. I have the basics and I have put out a lot of nice images that have been published but I have this nagging feeling that I have just touched the surface and if I only knew more I could really do some amazing stuff. I hit on some cool effects with things I hand painted then scanned and manipulated and I am being asked for more, but I just know there are photo shop secrets out there that I am so close to figuring out but just can't break through.. very infuriating. AND there is no time to take a class. I have read books and tutorials and it helps but I just want the magic fairy to put all that knowledge into my head all at once and then I could just go to town!!!

3. It's already time to start thinking about going to New York for the Surtex Licensing art show in May. DANG time goes by sooooo fast!

4. I am also thinking I would rather go to Vancouver instead. Oh decisions, decisions.

5. OR BOTH!!!! That's the answer!

6. I was thinking about what happens to your mind and body when you get older, and thinking it really stinks!! I have also thought, more than once this past few weeks, that I am too flippen old to be in theatrical productions. Too many stairs to run up and down in character shoes that used to fit like a glove but are now tools of the devil whilst trying to be quiet. Gaaaahhh my knees hurt. My brain just doesn't move fast enough or remember stuff any more. Surprisingly the Latin music has been the easiest part. My problem is remembering the entire play and knowing what to wear and when.. I am feeling quite schizophrenic...I never know what I have on under my habit and have forgotten earrings when I am a Baroness, and left them on when I am a nun and left my pants in stupid places and forgotten to get the right clothes to the right side of the stage. No big bloopers as yet on stage(not counting the gum flying out of my mouth and hitting my dance partner in the chest) but it's only a matter of time before I come out with parts of all 3 costumes on. Either that or I end up in my underwear.

7. Question: Does God forgive you for mentally sleeping through church? I hope so.

8. I am looking forward to the lake so I can actually finish reading a book. Where do you all find time to read??? And how do you stay awake?

9. Rhonda Steed is a family/friend who is also a photographer. You should check out her photography site- Rhonda Steed Photography -She took this picture and it is my new, favorite picture in all the whole wide world. I just love it!! What could be better than a new born baby and a sweet Great Dane?!!! I want one of each, please!

10. Hmmm I should be working, not blogging....ok...this is me going back to work........

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patties Day!!!!!

AH thar owlways after me lucky charms!!!
I like this holiday- it's a no obligations, no shopping, do nothing holiday. Not much of a holiday really, but having many Irish family ties, I feel close to past ages and I tend to talk like an Irishman today-(Notice I said talk- as in accent, not like swear like an Irishman- although that has been known to happen on occasion) I do so love the Irish- They are a gritty, tough lot. I can admire that. Because I have been involved with the community theatre play this year (Sound of Music) and have been stumped at times by Catholic questions, I turned to my wonderful art director, who is an Irish Catholic, for advice. Colleen even has fantastically red, curly hair...I adore her!

Picture a bunch of Mormons trying to make sure we don't mess up on the Catholic look and feel... it has been comical at times. Colleen has been very helpful and I have appreciated her advice and support. We should have listed her in the program as our Catholic consultant! Today she sent me a joke, commenting that it would round out my Catholic experience and was on the mark for St. Patricks day... so here it is, just a wee bit blue but on this day, tired as I am, I care not. I will repent tomorrow!

A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a book, and
noticed he had his collar on backwards.

The little boy asked why he wore his collar backwards.

The man, who was a priest, said, 'I am a Father..'

The little boy replied, 'My Daddy doesn't wear his collar like that.'

The priest looked up from his book and answered,
''I am the Father of many.'

The boy said,
''My Dad has 4 boys, 4 girls and two grandchildren and he
doesn't wear his collar that way!'

The priest, getting impatient, said. 'I am the Father of hundreds', and
went back to reading his book.

The little boy sat quietly thinking for a while, then leaned over and
said, "Maybe you should wear a condom, and put your pants on backwards
instead of your collar."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 on Tuesday-4:30 am....AGAIN!

Well fans, it's 4:30 am and again I am awake. Will I be glad when this play is over! You have no idea!!!!

1. Last night we repainted the set. It looks much better now, except for the missing banister on the stairs. Will we actually have one?? At this point- I don't even care. It's just one more thing to have to wrestle with during the set changes. Do NOT tell Stewart I painted- Painting sets is forbidden. After a 10 hour rescue of the pumpkin coach 2 years ago in Cinderella, and 6 months of anti- inflammatory's and physical therapy on my arm and elbow, I am now officially off the set painting list. I can design the sets on paper and I am in an advisory position only when it comes to actual painting.....pppfff.... it take an hours to explain to the slave painters how to do it when I can just show them in 3 seconds. But Norma is an amazing slave- she does exactly what I tell her, bless her heart!! We commented last night that the dynamic due- oooooh was at it again. We tried to count the plays we had painted sets with together- I am sure we missed a few......Music Man, Hello Dolly, Big River, Camelot, Wizard of Oz, Crazy for You, we took time off to be in Will Rogers Follies, Joseph and his funky colored coat, South Pacific, (I talked to Norma on the phone while walking down Whyte Ave, Edmonton Alberta in 30 below zero weather once, WITH Laryngitis, explaining to her how to paint lava looking rocks, Annie, There was one with a boat and I can't remember the name of it, Cinderella, part of Sound of Music, the list goes on, and some of them were just showing Norma what to do and mixing colors, but lots of them, we painted the entire set. Hello Dolly I painted 28- 4 x 8 foot flats plus 2- 4 x 12 foot flats- I could have totally repainted my house...TWICE!!! And add in there a Jr High play each year- that's a lot of painting. No wonder my arm is shot to H -E -double hockey sticks!!! Awe good times....snort!

2. Just love how some folks think it's ok to leave everything until the very last stinking minute. Never mind that we haven't practiced with half this stuff!

3. They have added yet another character to my list. This one is fun though and no lines- I'm not going to tell you who else I am, you'll have to wait and see, it will be a surprise..kind of like where's Waldo!!! Holy fast costume changes, Batman!! Thank heaven for a big long nun habit!!! You can play a game of sorts- it's called what else does she have on under there.....

4. After being at the no sleep phase for 2 weeks, I am now at the no sleep and no appetite phase of the play...SAAAWEEEEET! In about a week, I will have to move the velcro on my ball gown flower/belt. Nothing better than THAT phase! Except the end of the play phase. I know, I know, self inflicted pain and all- no sympathy, right!?

5. I am feeling very sorry for the guys and girls who have to do the set changes. The couch is an antique and it weighs about 300 pounds. I suspect I will be back there too, now that some MORE froo froo has been added-(one eyebrow) but it does look really amazing. Be prepared for a few long set changes folks- but it will be worth it when you see it.

6. We are having a bit of trouble with our 16 going on 17 young lovers. 16 doesn't particularly want to kiss 17. 17 is trying hard but poor kid can't compete with 16's boyfriend, but said boyfriend has been in many plays and he was the Music Man and thoroughly kissed Marian the Librarian on several occasions, so he should understand the need for a bit of reality, but 16 is afraid he might be mad....sigh..... oh to be young again, eh! Be young on someone elses time!!!!Kiss the boy already!!!

7. Won't you all be glad when this play is over! Too bad so sad for you, my blog, my vent, my rant, my rave and so on and so forth- get over it.

8. I am sitting here wondering if I could go back to bed and actually get to sleep..,ppfffff! Silly

9. Also wondering if I really need to keep the appointment to have the hair guy look at my hair...it's just going back and forth in and out of a nun hat 3 or 4 times, so really is it going to matter??? It's going to look like heck no matter what he does. Baronesses can have ugly hair and nobody would dare say anything because they are rich and powerfull, right! That's my story- I am going to stick with that one!

10. Just so this who thing isn't about the play, here is a note about my little Finny Bean. He is now going to have his tonsils and possibly adenoids out, and more tongue clipping. Not sure that will help with the talking and or shyness, but we are hoping if he sleeps better, he might feel more like interacting with folks. Sunday, I got him to come upstairs with me and we played on the computer with a thing I had saved from clear back in December just so I could do something with him one on one. Dang Papa is always there and Finn adores Papa and I don't count for much most of the time. SO this cool thing was a programs where it tell you a story and has you draw a stick figure and the thing actually comes to life and moves- It blows me away and I thought he was fairly impressed because he stayed and played until it was time to go home. When his Mom asked him if he liked the game he played with Grandma, he said no. HMMM... back to square one. I love that little boy! I think he will play it again though- just a hunch, since he actually sat on my lap and played it twice. We shall see.

Well, enough of my theatre drama...pun intended. I'll let you know how dress rehearsal goes...I know you can't wait to hear!! "I am having pins and needles I am sitting on!!!" If you know where that quote comes from, you win!

Friday, March 9, 2012

alrighty- I am scared spitless now!!!

It is 4 am in the am and I am wide awake and quaking in my slippers!! Why, you ask! Because Sound of Music opens a week from Thursday and we are not ready...not even close. I know I say this at about this time every year when I am involved with the play, but this year is especially hard. Community theatre is like a train wreck at the best of times. Trying to get everyone there to every practice and learn their lines is like herding belligerent cats. Cats who think everything just magically comes together but have absolutely no clue what happens behind them or around them and how much stuff has to be done. The 5 youngest kids of the 7 Von Trapp children were double cast. So you double your trouble. They are so cute though, and they are trying so hard but they have the attention span of gnats and they space out and forget stuff. AAAHHHHHH- all the technical stuff like the lights and sound and backstage and set changes- what a total and utter nightmare. And I am only a nun and a Baroness. One of my biggest hurdles is when I am the Baroness, I get off stage, run outside up 3 flights of stairs, throw my nun habit, hat and shoes on over my ball gown and have to be ready to sing going from the top of the theatre to the bottom- this all happens in 2 minutes, tops. Last night I got my habit on- but it was totally backwards.

And I have found that as a waltzing baroness, I have 2 left feet and can't remember when to change my hands and twirl on the right beat. Why is this so hard! I have old lady brain and I am amazed that people can memorize SO many lines. I have one line, and it flies out of my brain every time I have to say it. That line knows it's coming but just eludes me because my brain had to work so darn hard to count the waltz. No staying power in this mentalpausal brain. "Frau Shrader is delightful, Gayorg." How hard is that!! Seriously!!
Right now I am sitting here thinking who is going to fill up the brandy glasses we are supposed to have before my line comes and we never did get it right last night so I really don't know when I am supposed to say my line.. I guess the magic backstage fairy will fill up my brandy glass- with real brandy I hope....maybe she'll say my line too.
I feel sorry for the directer. She must NEVER sleep!! That's why she gets the big bucks...except that you don't get paid anything. Just more headaches and worry than any one person can handle. I know because I directed once. And as I sit here whining, I think I wouldn't mind directing again some time. See- I really am sleep deprived to even entertain that thought.
Why do we do this year after year, you may ask. Because when it comes together it's so amazing, there's nothing like it- it's like an illegal drug high and you can't seem to get enough of it.
But this week...hell week...one week before opening night is hateful and mean and crazy and scary I can't sleep and I am so tired.........thanks for letting me vent, oh blog- us-fear...(heavy on the fear!!!)
Well, having said all that there are some really great things going on- Maria(Carmen Olsen) is FANTASTIC and the nuns sound great when we pull the right starting note out of thin air. Max (Pat Roach) is hilarious and the children are so darn cute they can make you almost jump out of your seat and hug them when they do get things right. Pray for us!! And go get tickets- they are going fast!
Dang, I have to get the keys to Lori and fix the Reverends hat and email Norma and get someone to run the lights and finish painting the stairs, speaking of stairs, where are the railings?? and ......................................

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tis Tuesday!!

Hello again, Miss Tuesday morning!! Here are some of my random Tuesday thoughts...

1. It seems as if Mother Nature is putting on a show just for me lately. On Saturday night, we were driving over to the annual Christmas tree burning party(minus the burning part because the wind was blowing 70 mph so we couldn't get a burning permit-sigh-any who- I looked up and saw a very large bird. At first I thought it was a really big seagull. It flew right over the car and down our street- It was a huge bald eagle. I have NEVER seen one in Raymond. The closest I have seen eagles around here is Cardston or Waterton. It was a sight to behold! Took my breath away!

2. Stew and I went to Waterton for the weekend and it was raining. hmmm- not cool. They shut the road to Cameron down because of scary, icy roads, but finally got it opened about 2 pm.- so we threw on our ski stuff and went for a great x country romp- or should I say tromp- there was a foot of new snow. The way up to the lake was pretty hard slogging but the trip back down was a hoot. It was snowing and we were covered in white, but it was so fun to have the mountain all to ourselves!!

3. On the way home from Waterton, we looked out in the field that is usually covered in elk and wondered why they weren't there- Then we saw five wolves- all in a spread out pack formation for hunting purposes. WOW!!! No wonder the elk were hiding!! Gotta love mother nature!!

4. I have drawn my husband to the dark side- He watches the Big Bang Theory now too- so much so that he has it playing on the computer so that when there is a commercial on regular TV, he turns Big Bang on as his go back. I am the devil!!!!

5. OH dear- whoah is to me!!! I dry cleaned my ball dress and now it's falling apart and all the layers don't match or hang straight at the bottom. So instead of working or painting or photo shopping today, I am parked at the costume mistresses house trying to salvage my beautiful ball gown with the $40.00 froo froo flower on it. I am grief stricken- (NOT) maybe if my dress falls apart, I won't have to appear in the ballroom scene- but now the directer made me a Baroness with a line, dang it. I have nightmares of my dress disintegrating right there on stage- just falling to the floor in moth eaten rags and tatters and there I stand with nothing but a $40 flower to hide behind. But the show must go on, right!!

6. I have a new project at work...it's called art in a box. The retailer gave me 8 sizes of prints and had me design 8 different pieces of art with a type of theme and color scheme, but they don't want everything to be matcy poo. So I whipped up 8 pieces and plugged them into the configuration of 8 and voila- I give you art in a box- Apparently the customer buys the entire box and slaps it up on their wall. cool, eh! We'll see how it flies in a few days- my guess is they'll want major tweaking...sigh

7. We had Romans birthday on Saturday- he wanted waffles for breakfast and dinner. What a great kid!!! AND Red Velvet Cake!!! Holy sugar high, batman!!!

8. I feel like I am losing my little Finn. He is becoming more and more withdrawn socially and I have a hard time getting him to talk to me- unless I am the only one there, and then he kind of has to talk to me. He does love his Papa though and always talks to him. This Apraxia or autism or social anxiety or what ever it is really stinks!!! REALLY!!! A lot. Finn is such a wonderful little boy- I can hardly take my eyes off him. He amuses me to no end but my heart aches for what he might have ahead of him. I just hope I can help in some way.

9. I am on my way up to the theatre to teach some folks how to spatter a wall with dirty water. HUH? you say- trust me - it works! It makes the set look less flat. Some day I am going to have to figure out just how many sets I have painted in my day- probably more than I want to count!

10. This is going to be an intense 3 weeks- Dress rehearsal in one week- yikes!!!! by the way...how DO you solve a problem like Maria???