Friday, November 18, 2011

I heart Vancouver!

Paige and Eric moved to Vancouver British Columbia at the end of August, and I just couldn't wait any longer to go for a visit- So last week, Stewie and I jumped on a plane (no small task for us rural folk) and flew to the most beautiful city in the entire world. Well I wouldn't know, because I haven't been in very many big cities- but compared to the ones I have been in- Salt Lake City, Athens, New York, London, Atlanta, LA, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago...hmmm I do have a few to compare it to. Vancouver is absolutely breath taking. You wouldn't know it from the few paltry pictures I took with my own camera- but there are some beauties on Paige's camera.
This is Paige and Eric at the Olympic torch.

The leaves were still on the trees... red maples everywhere. I couldn't get enough of them- Yellow oak trees and every shade of orange and pink. I was fascinated by the wet gray pavement and the colors of the leaves on top of it. I am hoping to get some pictures off of Paige's camera- I took a bunch of the maple trees. Here in Alberta, we have very few red trees and the leaves get blown off the trees so quickly and they dry up- In Vancouver the leaves are always wet and pretty, even on the ground. My next painting is going to have this wonderful color palette in it!! Vancouver is also the cleanest city I have ever been in- Not one SPECK of litter ...ANYWHERE!
We walked for hours- along the waterfront, in the city, in Stanley park and Granville Island.

It was amazing to me to be right there on the ocean, but have mountains right there too. The best of both worlds!! People live right on the water in the harbor, on house boats! It was a bit gray and rainy but it always seemed to clear and be nice for a while.
We also ate our way through the city. Wow it's expensive, but I now have 2 things on my list of best things I ever ate. 1. Salted caramel gelato from Bella Gelatoria on Burrard Street. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!

Hands down the best thing I ever ate. I made everyone go there twice!
2. Crab cake at Le Crocodile- French food is not only delicious but it is always pretty to look at.
(I gained 4 pounds in 4 days...yikes)

We stood and watched the float planes land and take off right there in the harbor.
It kind of made my heart skip a beat to watch them come in at such a steep angle, look like they would never get off the water when they took off, and knowing that Paige will eventually be on one of those planes to go do court reporting/stenographer duties in Victoria. We didn't go to Victoria- but next time hopefully we can do that. It's 15 minutes to Nanaimo and a bit longer to Victoria by plane- 5 hours on the ferries. Both make my stomach turn but that's what they make gravol for, right? You only live once on this earth.
We also saw a bit of this...
Nap time- I guess we were just too much for the munchkins. Paige and Eric couldn't keep up with us.
On Sunday, we also got to be there for Eric's ordination to the Aaronic Priesthood. We will go back in the spring for Eric to be made an Elder. Happy days and Huzzah! We are truly blessed.
As AMERICAN Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I have so much to be grateful for.
A husband who spoils me totally and completely rotten and supports everything I do. 3 children who are the most amazing human beings and are my life, 2 son in laws who love my daughters and put up with our Robinson ways, 3 grandsons who have given me nothing but shear joy and bliss, goodly parents who gave me the perfect childhood and now face life's hardest challenges with little complaint, extended family who I see rarely but are always in my heart and have shaped my life more than they know, friends who support me, keep me company and amused and accept me even when I do and say stupid things, a job with good honest people who push me to better artwork, fairly good health to still play and hike and do the things that bring me joy, and most of all, a faith and testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And this year I am especially thankful for a sweet niece who when I was at my very worst gave me the very best of herself and forgave me for being small minded. Linds- I can never take back hurtful words, but I will never forget the lessons you taught me.
Happy thanksgiving to all and if you are ever in Canada- don't skip Alberta on your way to BC- both are beautiful in their own ways, EH!