Saturday, June 11, 2011


I love to make lists. I especially like to make "things to do lists" and then cross stuff off the list and re-write the list to see that it has become a smaller list. Sounds nuts, I know but I have actually passed this trait onto Whitney. I was at her house one day and she had a bunch of things to do and she had no less than a dozen lists stuck all over her refrigerator. She looked at one, got one eyebrow and yelled downstairs to Brad..."did you do such and such?" Brad said with pride, yes he had. She got all huffy and said "well, don't cross things off the list, I like to do that!" I couldn't hear him, but I am going to go out on a limb here and I will tell you what I think he was saying. ahem- " are you crazy, woman? No thank you for doing the job, just nagging on me because I crossed it off the list...seriously?" The ceremonial crossing of the list is the best part, for Henry's sake!!

I have noticed that a few "blog us fear" folk write a "10 on Tuesday" list. 10 random thoughts or things you did or want to do, that kind of thing. Well heck, I am random!!! That is my self appointed middle name, (since my own sweet mum omitted that tiny detail.)

SIDE NOTE: I actually have many a middle name. I am known far and wide for at least a rural block as "The Queen of IT 'L DO." That is short for- It's good enough for what (or who) it's for, it's done, and if it's only on stage for 2 minutes and nobody will remember it tomorrow so who gives a flying fig and/or they are just going to throw it away so quit with all the froo froo frills, would ya!" Yes. That would be me!

So even though it is actually Saturday, here is my 10 on Tuesday on Saturday.

1. I love watching the Stanley cup finals. I am so sad it's almost over and it will be another 3 months before hockey starts again. Hockey is an amazing sport.

2. I just finished illustrating a Children's Christmas song book. NEVER AGAIN! If I say that the Queen of IT 'L Do took a forced sabbatical because the book publisher was quite particular (imagine the nerve!) and it took 2 tries to get all the pencil sketches approved (pencil sketch? What is a pencil sketch? Thumbnails? Really, you want thumbnails? Check your hands, fussy pants! I never sketch anything! ) and I had to paint the illustrations in watercolor after painting strictly in oils and acrylics for the last 15 years, umm hummm= not my cup-o-postum!!

3. I miss Chief. Terribly. Stewart wants to get another boxer. He found a bunch on line. I said NO! Absolutely not! Right...I will cave, eventually. Who needs new carpet.

4. I love listening to Finn talk. He is my 2nd grandson and he has Verbal Apraxia. That is when there is a glitch in the brain that makes it so your mouth can't form the words your brain is thinking. As I have said many times, wouldn't that come in handy sometimes in life when your mouth decides to actually blurt out the words your brain is thinking but shouldn't. Finn is going to "Talk School" ( speech therapy) and it has been so exciting to watch him start to jabber and talk. He is the funniest little guy. He calls me mamma or bamma- I love it and answer to both.

5. I am going to the Lake on Monday come rain or high water. Well silly me, that is EXACTLY what the weather forecast has called for...flooding and rain. How special. Never fear, I have a brand spanking new full body wet suit and I will be water skiing daily. Count on it!

6. I hiked 2 mountain peaks Thursday, then went to a 1 hour zumba class. I am still alive. AND the amazing part of this is I wasn't sore the next day. That, my friends, is a small miracle at my age! Whoah!

7. I am jazzed beyond words and pee my britches excited that Paige and Eric are coming to Raymond to live with us for the summer before they move to Vancouver. Can you say P.A.R.T.Y? I thought you could! Can you say extra 10 pounds when it's all said and done?

8. I have 3 grandsons- Roman-5, Finn-2 1/2, Oscar- 4 months. They are heaven on legs with matching ties on Sundays! I once asked Stewart if we were this enamored with our own children. (Don't answer that, I whispered.) Being "Bramma" is the sweet dessert to my life's dinner.

9. I am going to attempt a mini triathlon this summer. If I make it, I will blog about it to be sure because you just have to know there will be a great story there, but first I have to squeeze into one of those tight little triathlon suits. There is not enough Lycra in the world......

10. I am so thankful for my family, friends, job, health, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I keep waiting for God to say, "Ok Carol, that's it, you've used up your alotment of good things, you don't deserve anymore." One of the greatest blessings in my life is to look back and see that God's hand has been in my life constantly. I am so very blessed.