Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 Christmas card-

HI all-  This is the lazy mans (or woman's) way of sending a Christmas card:  Sorry it's a bit silly but ppfff- what do you expect- I am NOT a poet! Wishing all friends and family a very Merry Christmas and may the Lords blessings reach you all!
Twas the night before Christmas, well, a few weeks before,
Family letter’s not done, but who cares, they’re a bore.
I’ll recap the year,  and hope that you care
Getting all this to rhyme will sure be a bear

I’ve mastered some photo shop but still there are gaps
And maybe someday I will learn to use aps
Selling art in this down time is really quite hard
But it still pays the bills, with the help of a card

Kurt’s life is settled but not very stunning
Except while at work with his weekly drug running
He’s a whiz with computers and helps with my work
And keeps us all laughing, which is always a perk.

 Grandpa Stew baby-sits quite a lot, but I’ve found
He’s becoming quite deaf because of the sound
Without all his help, I don’t know what I’d do
You can see for our family that Stew is the glue

Whitney works as a nurse helping others get better
Making things for her house, she’s such a go-getter
She serves in her ward and she’s raising three boys
With the help of her Dad and his millions of toys

Roman’s in first grade, at school the whole day
We’re hoping that reading will click in some way
He’s such a good brother being oldest and all
He plays with his siblings and his friends when they call

Finn goes to pre school, by himself… well, almost
Whit leaves after pealing him off like a ghost
But he’s such a great boy, he’ll figure it out
And then we’ll all wonder what the fuss was about

And Oscar’s just happy to play with his cars
In his own little world with his head in the stars
Wiggles and Blues Clues keep him content
He’s the end of the line, till the next one is sent

Brad’s working two jobs, carpentry and he’ll teach
As a sub for the schools.  That’s no day at the beach!
With young men as a calling which he loves quite a lot
There are boys in his ward who are very well taught

The Munchkins in Calgary, in their ward they are thriving
Now if we could just get that boy to start driving!
Paige captions at home,  fast fingers and brain
Eric’s temping for Husky, permanence he’ll soon gain

I’ve come to the end, and if you're confused
Because of the grammar that I have abused
Just know we are fine,  loving life and each other
Prayers for you and the world and especially our Mother

Her life has been full but it’s time for a rest
She’ll go back to God cause she’s mastered this test
We know we will be with her after this life
And dad will again reunite with his wife

So for now, with our Savior, we’ll all celebrate
His birth and his life,  giving thanks on this date
 Putting trust in the Lord we’ll continue the fight
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night


Paige said...

Delightful. A most excellent poem. However, it seems as if Kurt is a drug dealer.

this and and then said...

well and so he is!!! It was the only way I could get it to rhyme! I thought it was quite clever! heheh I thought maybe I should put a note on here that if people had questions they could ask me to clarify!